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How am I different from other real estate agents?

14 years ago, I began selling real estate. The market was going gang busters with no “bubble burst” in sight. Then it happened……..In 2008, when agents were struggling and getting out of the business, I managed to become the number one real estate agent in an office of over 250 agents. Though the next several years proved to be difficult for some, I saw it as an opportunity. I have always said the strong will survive. I am proud to say I am one of the survivors. Not only have I survived but my business has thrived. I have sold more than $72,000,000 in real estate during my 14 year career which consisted of the toughest real estate market of our lifetime. I am a top performing individual agent in a brokerage consisting of more than 1800 agents. The Cobb County Board of Realtors has awarded me the Lifetime Top Achiever and Phoenix Awards due to my production in 2008 - 2019. I am thankful for all the wonderful people who have allowed me to work with them. I have been blessed beyond belief and have worked very hard to achieve this level of success. Let's work together!!!!

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